When Should The Small Crane Change Oil
Apr 27, 2018

The engine is the heart of a small crane for small cranes. There are many metallic surfaces that rub against each other in the engine. These components are fast moving, poor in environment, and working temperature. Under such harsh conditions, only qualified lubricants can reduce engine component wear and extend service life.

The condition of the oil directly determines the length of life of the small crane engine.

In fact, when the crane works normally, the engine oil of the trumpet is not much, but due to various reasons, the engine oil is often polluted. such as:

During the operation of the crane diesel engine, there will be many fuels that do not completely burn and remain in the engine oil tank, causing pollution to the engine oil.

After the overhaul of the crane, it is necessary to change the oil so as not to cause dust, dust, and impurities to enter the oil tank.

Therefore, in the event of such a situation, new oil must be replaced in time. Avoid engine performance or engine damage due to a drop in oil quality.

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