What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When You Work On A Small Crane In Summer?
Apr 27, 2018

It will soon enter the summer season. In the summer months, due to the hot weather, it will cause a lot of inconvenience for the operation of the small crane:

If the engine is not properly cooled due to the cooling system, the temperature of the engine may be too high, affecting the engine's air-inflating coefficient, and reducing the power.

Lubricating oils, which are affected by high temperatures, can cause a decrease in viscosity and poor lubricity.

The friction between the crane clutch and the brake increases due to high temperatures.

The hydraulic system causes external leakage and internal leakage due to the thinning of the working fluid, resulting in reduced transmission efficiency.

When the engine is operating at a high temperature, the difference between the operating temperature of the engine and the surrounding atmospheric temperature becomes smaller, which results in difficulty in cooling the cooling system and the engine is liable to overheat. small crane  When the temperature of the engine is too high, the fuel generates oxides during the combustion process, so that the increase of the peroxide activity at a high temperature facilitates deflagration and reduces the engine power.

How can a small crane be maintained under hot conditions? Here Xiaobian gives you a brief explanation:

Strengthen the maintenance and service of the cooling system

Always check and adjust the tightness of the fan belt so that it is tight and moderate. Replace cooling water regularly to clean scales and deposits in radiators and water jackets. Check the operation of the thermostat and water temperature gauge.

Timely replacement of lubricants and greases in summer

The engine is replaced with a high viscosity lubricant. Transmissions, final drives, steering gears, etc. are replaced with gear oils with high viscosity. Hub bearings are replaced with higher dropping point grease.

Strengthen maintenance of engine fuel system

When the diesel engine is operated at a high temperature, on the one hand, the air-injection coefficient of the cylinder decreases, and on the other hand, small crane  the dust content increases during the summer air-drying. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the air intake system and the fuel supply system, particularly the air filter and the fuel tank. And fuel filter maintenance, otherwise it will accelerate the wear of the parts.

Strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the battery

Check and adjust the battery electrolyte density and liquid level, the electrolyte density is smaller than when used in winter, due to high outside temperature, need to constantly add distilled water, and keep the vents open.

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