The Consequences Of Smearing Butter On A Small Crane
Apr 27, 2018

The long use of a small crane is bound to cause some wear and tear on the machine. However, if the maintenance work is done well, the performance of the small crane can be restored, thereby prolonging the service life of the small crane.

However, in the actual operation process, some maintenance personnel have a lot of mistakes or wrong practices, not only did not play the role of maintenance and maintenance, but instead played a counter-productive role. Here, Xiao Bian explained to the owners and drivers about the harm caused by misuse of butter:

Butter on cylinder pad

Butter is the grease commonly used in the maintenance of small cranes and can act as a lubricant and seal. Therefore, some repairmen will apply a layer of butter to the cylinder pad when installing the cylinder pad, which is believed to increase the tightness of the diesel engine. On the contrary, this has adversely affected the performance of diesel engines.

Tire nut butter

In order to easily tighten the nuts and prevent corrosion, many repairmen apply oil to the bolts and nuts of the tires. This is also a wrong practice. Because the tire nut is tightened, there is a self-locking feature between the threads. This is because the thread helix angle is smaller than the equivalent friction angle between the threads. For a given bolt connection, the helix angle is a certain value, and the equivalent friction angle varies with the friction between the threads. However, the equivalent friction angle between the threads after oiling is reduced, and the self-locking performance of the bolt connection is deteriorated. Therefore, never apply grease or dripping lubricant to the bolts and nuts of the tire. Doing so will make the nut loose and even cause an accident.

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