Small Crane Visual Blind Spot
Apr 27, 2018

However, all vehicles have a blind spot, and the visual field blind zone of a small crane refers to that part of the area that cannot be directly observed when the driver is in the normal driving position and the line of sight is blocked by the vehicle body. When working, there are often many blind spots in the field of vision. If you do not pay attention to this knowledge, it is very easy to cause dangerous events. The following Xiao Bian will give you some relevant knowledge of the small crane visual field blind spot, hoping to help the majority of owners and drivers:

The front 1.2 meters is the blind area: the crane body is high, the blind area is large, the general front is about 2 meters wide, and the blind area is within 1.5 meters high. When a child less than 1.2 meters tall passes this area, the crane driver is hard to find. Therefore, parents should remind their children to go to school. When crossing the road, do not walk casually from the front of the crane.

The blind area is within 3 meters of the tail of the crane: The crane is bulky. Although some cranes have rearview mirrors and video devices, it is hard to avoid the time. Children and pedestrians should keep a distance of more than 3 meters from the tail of the crane.

The blind area is within 1.2 meters of the rear of the vehicle: When the vehicle is running, the crane driver usually observes the road conditions on the left side, and rarely sees the situation on the right and back side. Children appear in this area and are prone to accidents.

The blind area is within 2 meters below the right rearview mirror of the crane: In the right front wheel blind area, particular attention must be paid to the position below the right rearview mirror. Usually, the crane driver will pay more attention to the left road conditions. The blind area on the right is easy to overlook. In addition, the window glass of a crane is more than one meter above the ground. It is difficult for a crane driver to see this person through the window glass.

The blind area is within 3 meters of the right front pillar of the crane: When the crane turns, the crane driver sitting on the left-hand driving position usually cannot observe the ground condition of the right front pillar shielding area, so the position covered by the right front pillar during cornering is a dangerous area. Pedestrians should keep a distance of 2.5 meters to 3 meters from the body.

Cranes are the “blood vessels” for urban construction and the “giants” on the roads. Traffic accidents caused by cranes are often particularly tragic. Therefore, knowing the blind spot of a small crane is crucial to the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

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