How To Maintain The Hydraulic System Of The Small Crane?
Apr 27, 2018

Most of the small cranes on the market are hydraulically powered. The hydraulic system is the key component of the small crane. The quality of the hydraulic system directly affects the performance and service life of the small crane. Therefore, we must use certain processes during the process. Paying attention to maintenance will reduce the wear and tear of the small crane's hydraulic system, which will extend the life of the small crane and ensure the safety of the small crane. Here, Xiao Bian will introduce to you how the small crane can do maintenance work on the hydraulic system:

Prior to the operation, the tank level window should be used to determine if the hydraulic fluid has been increased as required. If it is less than the specified limit, it must be supplemented. When refueling, it must be injected through the fuel filter, and great care must be taken not to mix in different qualities such as oil or water.

The oil filter element shall be inspected after 250 hours of operation and cleaned or replaced if necessary.

The various valves of the hydraulic system have been fully tested before leaving the factory, and the pressure and flow have been adjusted and must not be touched.

All kinds of mechanical parts, especially hydraulic system devices, should avoid dirt. After work, dust and oil must be removed.

The hydraulic oil tank should remove moisture and impurities once every two weeks from the bottom of the oil drain, and replace all the hydraulic oil every other year (or work full 2000h). (If the oil is not deteriorated, the oil can be extended appropriately. cycle). When small cranes are operated under particularly harsh conditions, the fluid replacement cycle should be shortened accordingly.

After working for a long period of time, hydraulic oil will produce some condensate and sediment, which should be discharged regularly once a month. The condensate drain should be performed one night after the mini crane stops working. Unscrew the drain plug at the bottom of the tank and let the dirty oil flow out until clean oil is seen. Then install the drain plug and add fresh hydraulic oil.

No matter how long the working hours are, the hydraulic oil must be updated at least once a year to prevent oil deterioration and contaminate the hydraulic system. Before starting the oil change, the engine should be started and the hydraulic oil should be warmed to facilitate the discharge.

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