How Does A Small Crane Do A Good Job Of Moisture Protection?
Apr 27, 2018

In rainy season, the small crane must do a good job of moisture-proof work. Many parts of the small crane are very afraid of the wet metal material. Once damp, it will rust, which will seriously affect the service life of the small crane. Here, Xiao Bian put together some information to tell everyone how to do a good job of moisture-proof and dehumidification of small cranes?

Be careful when the small crane is not in use, park it in a sheltered area or indoors. Avoid direct erosion from rain.

Use anti-moisturizers to place moisture barriers in all corners of small cranes to absorb moisture after rain stops. Avoid rusting of metal parts due to heavy moisture in the rain.

Pay attention to ventilation, and keep the environment dry and ventilated while keeping the small crane parked.

When the weather is fine after the rain, we must pay attention to placing the small crane in a sunny place to dry (remember the exposure), open the baffles, and remove the contents of the small crane as soon as possible.

The small crane has been widely used in various fields such as automobile engine workshop, equipment inspection and maintenance, power inspection maintenance, chemical workshop inspection and maintenance, building curtain wall installation, high-speed rail station construction, and mausoleum stone industry. We should do a good job during the operation of small cranes. On-site security work, then how do the safety of small cranes do? Xiao Bian here to tell you how to carry out safety work during the small crane operation:

The work site must be set up with fences to divide the work area, and warning signs should be set up to avoid the intrusion of personnel during the operation of the small crane.

During the operation, it is better to have the commander give instructions to the driver to avoid unnecessary accidents due to blind vision of the driver.

Small cranes must be purchased by regular manufacturers, and manufacturers must have relevant qualification certificates and inspection reports.

The driver of the small crane must go through the study and training and get the relevant certificates through the assessment before he can operate the small crane.

During the operation of the small crane, the vehicle and the unstaffed personnel shall not enter or stay in the operation range of the jib. If there is an emergency, the driver must pay attention to avoiding the downtime on the premise of casualties. Do not continue work until finished.

Be sure to tie the objects firmly before lifting and adjust the stress points. It is forbidden to adjust during the lifting process or when the object is suspended.

Be sure to have guide ropes and traction ropes when lifting heavy objects. Avoid objects shaking and cause small cranes to overturn.

The windy weather should stop operations to prevent the strong wind from causing the objects to shake and cause the small crane to overturn.

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