What should I do if the leg of a small crane suddenly collapses?
Apr 27, 2018

During the operation of the small crane, for various reasons, such as insufficient ground hardness and empty holes under the ground, the small crane legs may suddenly fall. In this case, emergency measures should be taken to prevent more serious accidents from happening. Here, Xiao Bian talks about how to handle urgently:

The sudden sinking of the legs of a small crane is very likely to cause a roll-over accident. The cause of the accident is mostly due to the misoperation of the driver or the lack of foundation bearing capacity at the job site and the failure of the hydraulic system of the outrigger.

After the accident, it should be checked as soon as possible to determine whether anybody is injured. If someone is injured, it must be based on the principle of saving people as soon as possible. Lift the rear-arm crane as soon as possible to prevent the recurrence of accidents.

Check the hydraulic system for potential safety hazards, especially for hydraulic components involving the leg system. Pressure tests should be performed. Check whether the foundation bearing capacity shows signs of sinking; whether the leg support is defective or not. may.

After a fault occurs, if the crane is overturned, the crane should be taken to correct it and the leg components should be checked or repaired. If there is no rollover, only the legs of the small crane are broken, the rest of the leg components should be repaired and repaired. After the repair, the pressure test should be carried out.

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