What should I do if a small crane is rusty?
Apr 27, 2018

The rusting phenomenon is the long-term exposure of iron products to oxygen in the air, or oxidation of oxygen into water.

There are many reasons for the corrosion of small crane steel structures, such as: prolonged exposure to the air, incomplete protection means that the steel structure is exposed to air liquids; chemically aggressive media in the air; wind and sun, climate change, Dew, mold erosion, and mechanical impact caused damage to the paint layer.

If you do not take this issue seriously, then rust will accelerate development, and will eventually affect the strength and rigidity of the small crane steel structure, shorten its service life, and even cause security risks. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the causes of rust on small cranes and take effective protective measures.

According to the topographical environment of the work site, the working position of the small crane should be as high as possible on the uptake of the erode gas plant, so that the aggressive gas will not be exposed to the steel structure of the small crane for a long time.

Before the paint is applied to the steel structure of the small crane, various attachments such as oil stains, rust, oxide scale, welding slag, and aggressive dust must be cleaned on the surfaces of the clean components. Use correct and effective rust removal methods, such as artificial rust removal, pickling, rust removal, sand blasting, etc. until the surface of the steel structure is exposed to silver gray, which can increase the adhesion of the paint layer to the surface of the steel structure, and then paint the paint. . If the paint layer is damaged due to the impact of the collision, clean the surface of the paint and repair the paint.

When spraying paint, small cranes should pay attention to spray the primer and then spray the surface paint. According to the chemical properties of the paint bottles, the colleague selects the appropriate paint to better combine the primer and the top paint. Not falling off. The use of phosphating primer or erythritol primer can get better protection effect.

In general, the small crane paint spraying is carried out after the cutting, relieving, and riveting processes, and the order must not be reversed, so as not to damage the paint layer. When paint spraying, try to carry it out in a well-ventilated and sunny room, avoid spraying in rain, fog, snow, sand, and open air outdoors. Depending on the nature of the paint and the environment, brush or spray coating is used to make the paint layer durable. It is best to operate at temperatures between 15C and 35C, otherwise the effect will be much worse.

In the usual operation of the small crane, it is necessary to regularly check the paint layer, if the surface of the paint layer is found to have an urban gloss of 90%; the surface is rough, the weathering and cracking is 25%; the surface of the paint layer is blistering or the steel structure is slightly rusted The situation should be promptly filled with paint.

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