What measures should small cranes take at low temperatures?
Apr 27, 2018

Comparison of winter temperatures will have a certain impact on the normal use of small cranes. Such as engine start difficulties, decreased ability to work, prone to mechanical wear, Xiao Bian gave you here to tell us about it at low temperatures that measures should be taken:

Enhancement Add 80°C warm water to the machine's cooling water circulation system (tank). Drain it while adding water until the drained water temperature is no longer hot. Stop draining. Wait until the water temperature in the engine water jacket is almost the same as the cylinder block temperature. Start the engine. There may also be preheated oil, the oil discharged car with metal utensils at heating and re-added, the lubricating effect and reduce the role played crankshaft running resistance. Precautions must be taken when warming up the engine oil. Do not pollute the engine oil during the heating process.

A metal insulation cover is installed on the intake pipe and the exhaust pipe, and the heat of the exhaust pipe can be used to preheat the mixture. small crane This will not only improve the low temperature start-up performance, but also improve the thermal conditions in the engine during operation.

As the seasons change, diesel oil must be replaced in a timely manner. small crane Low freezing point diesel oil is used during the cold season when the temperature is relatively low, which can effectively improve the engine's low-temperature startup performance and increase the engine's power. If there is no replacement of diesel fuel, only preheating measures can be used to improve the atomization of the high condensation point diesel fuel. Only after the exhaust pipe of the engine is connected to the fuel tank, the exhaust gas can be used to preheat the fuel.

The battery of the machine should be fully charged and maintain the electrolyte density at 1.28 to ensure the discharge capacity of the battery. Adjust the regulator of the generator and appropriately increase the charge of the generator so that the voltage is 0.6V higher than the normal temperature.

Oils, gear oils, and hydraulic oils should be replaced with winter oils in a timely manner to improve the engine's difficulty in starting under low temperatures.

Pay attention to the protection of the cooling water circulation system. After stopping the machine, small crane it should be waterproofed or added with antifreeze in time to prevent the water in the pipe from condensing and blocking.

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