What are the contents of the safety inspection before the small crane operation?
Apr 27, 2018

The small crane is commonly known as a small crane and is composed of a boom, a turntable, a frame, and legs. The mechanical action of the small crane is realized by the actions of the mechanism such as luffing, telescoping, turning, and hoisting, and the lifting operation is realized by a combination of different actions. This is a special mechanical device for intermittent operation. What to do before using the crane What about security inspection? Here, Xiao Bian gave you an introduction to some inspection items before the small crane operation:

Check the health condition of the crane, parts, components, screws, bolts, welding parts, hydraulic system, winch system, etc.

Check whether the quality of fuel, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil meets the standards of use, whether the water in the cooling water system is sufficient and whether the fuel tank is sufficient.

Check if the tire pressure, track, guide wheel is normal, and the operating rod is flexible.

Check whether the ground hardness at the job site affects the lifting operation of the small crane.

Divide the work area, do a good job of safety measures, set up a cordon or observer, and communicate instructions with the commander.

There are many items that need to be inspected before the crane works. The above points must be checked. I hope that everyone should pay more attention to preventing accidents before they happen and reduce or avoid accidents.

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