The use of small cranes in various industries is also increasing
Apr 27, 2018

The use of small cranes in various industries is also increasing. Therefore, the safety problem of small cranes is also a problem most car owners and drivers are most concerned about. The most serious problem is that small cranes roll over and heavy objects fall. Here, Xiao Bian gave you a brief explanation on how to avoid the accident of a small crane overturned.

The driver must be trained to learn to assess and get the operating license before driving a small crane, when driving a small crane operation must also install rules and regulations safe operation.

A small torque limiter must be installed on the small crane. The driver must also clearly understand the role of this component and fundamentally avoid the accident of a small crane overturn caused by overweight.

Before working on a small crane, first go to the job site to investigate the situation on the site. To check the ground hardness and slope, you must choose a flat, solid place where the surface hardness is high and there is no hidden danger of sinking in the sewer manhole cover.

Pay attention to the daily maintenance work of the small crane so that the small crane is in a safe and healthy condition.

Estimate the weight of the lifting object and calculate whether the weight loss can be tolerated by the small crane.

Before working, put thick planks underneath the legs to increase the area of force and avoid the occurrence of subsidence of the legs of the small crane.

The small crane will have many problems in the process of operation. Some of it is because the maintenance work is not done well. Some of them are caused by the manufacturers when they are not rigorous enough. Here, Xiao Bian gives you talk about the vibration of the small crane boom during operation. what happened? What should I do?

The size of the boom of the small crane is not standard enough, and there are differences with the design drawings, resulting in an uneven gap size of the boom. Therefore, when the small crane operates, the boom is stretched tightly and stretched tightly, thereby causing the boom to shake.

The design of the small crane is unreasonable. The back end and the bottom of the thinnest boom are not designed with guide plates, or the guide plate design is unreasonable, causing the boom to strike the back end when telescoping, causing the boom to shake.

The maintenance work was not done well, and the lack of lubricant in the sliders and slides inside the boom also caused jerking of the boom.

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