Some operating rules for small cranes
Apr 27, 2018

With the development of society, the construction of the city is also changing with each passing day. Construction projects are also increasing, and small cranes also play a huge role in them. The small crane is a kind of special operation mechanical equipment, which is commonly known as a miniature crane. Nowadays, more and more small cranes appear in various construction projects. However, the correct and safe operation of small cranes is the key to ensuring the safe operation of vehicles. Here, Xiao Bian gives you a brief introduction of some safe operating practices related to small cranes:

Small cranes must be regularly maintained and checked to ensure that the small cranes are in a healthy condition each time they are used.

Small crane drivers must be trained and assessed to obtain relevant documents.

Familiar with the operation and precautions of the small crane, familiar with all signs and warning signs, can calculate or judge the actual lifting capacity of the small crane.

Know how to make a safe hauling rope on a lifting object. When working together, know how to allocate the lifting weight and related precautions.

After the job is completed or when the job is stopped, correct operation should be performed according to the operation manual. Do not leave the driving position with the suspended object suspended. It is forbidden to suspend the object for a long time.

The relevant safety operation regulations for small cranes have already been introduced for everyone. We hope that today's content can help you. If there are any omissions or inadequacies, please leave a message and exchange ideas to strengthen learning.

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