Small cranes save fuel
Apr 27, 2018

The small crane uses a full hydraulic drive and the hoist is hoisted. This design makes the small crane more stable during operation. However, everyone knows that the small cranes are more fuel-efficient when they are used. Here Xiaobian has put together three fuel-saving tips for everyone:

Reduce the weight of the small crane itself and increase the compression ratio of the engine to the standard value.

Reduce the fuel consumption per unit load and raise the load of the small crane to the rated load in the absence of safety problems in conditional operation.

Select high-quality standard lubricants to reduce engine power loss and reduce fuel consumption.

These three points are all common fuel-saving techniques for small cranes. Everyone can try and believe that they can help everyone.

The hydraulic system of the small crane is one of its important components. It plays a vital role in the lifting process of the small crane. What should you pay attention to when operating the hydraulic system of a small crane? Xiao Bian here to give you a brief introduction:

The filter element must be checked regularly, especially after 250 hours of operation, it must be checked. The cleaning may depend on the situation to see if a new filter element needs to be replaced.

Before working on the small crane, check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient. If it is lower than the specified scale line, please add it. When refueling, it must be noticed that it must be added through the oil filter, and it cannot be mixed with different brands of hydraulic oil, with particular attention to not being able to feed water or other impurities.

Hydraulic tanks should be cleaned every two weeks, mainly to understand moisture and impurities. Replace the hydraulic oil once a year and drain the old hydraulic oil. If the hydraulic oil does not deteriorate, the oil change cycle can be appropriately extended. If the small crane is often operated in a place where the environment is relatively dusty, the oil change cycle should be shortened accordingly.

The various valves of the hydraulic system should not be touched. These valves have been fully tested before leaving the factory, and the pressure and flow have been adjusted. Remember not to touch him.

All kinds of mechanical parts, components or hydraulic system equipment of small cranes should be cleaned well, and dirt should not be attached. After the operation is completed, the oil dust should be promptly swiftly hurried.

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