How to do when the temperature of the small crane hydraulic oil is high?
Apr 27, 2018

In the process of operation, the small crane will cause the hydraulic oil temperature to be too high due to environmental or external factors, affecting the hoisting performance of the crane and should be dealt with in time. Otherwise, it may affect normal operation and cause accidents.

Here Xiaobian will give you an introduction about how to deal with this situation:

Hot air in the open air or in close proximity to a heat source for a long period of time may cause the hydraulic oil temperature to be too high. At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine in time, increase air convection, and replace the water in the water cooling system to achieve the purpose of cooling.

Poor operation of the hydraulic oil radiator can also cause the oil temperature to be too high. The machine should be shut down in time and carefully inspected. After the fault is resolved, the operation should be resumed.

Improper design of the hydraulic system, processing or fitting defects can also cause the oil temperature to be too high. If this is the case, it can only be retrofitted, such as adding a radiator or increasing the pipe diameter.

The oil temperature caused by the hydraulic oil itself is high. In this case, replace the hydraulic oil in time. small crane The hydraulic oil tank generally has an air filter. His role is to filter the dust in the air. After replacing the oil pump or motor, remember to clean the hydraulic oil tank and the filter element.

High oil temperature caused by air entering the hydraulic system. The hydraulic oil used in the hydraulic system is less compressible and, in general, its effects are negligible. However, the compressibility of low-pressure air is very high, about 10,000 times that of hydraulic oil. Therefore, even if the system contains a small amount of air, its impact and harm are great. Because the air dissolved in the hydraulic oil will escape from the oil when the pressure is low, creating bubbles and forming cavitation. small crane Under the effect of pressure in the high pressure zone, these air bubbles will be quickly broken, and they will be released by rapid compression. A lot of heat. Mixing a large amount of air into the small crane hydraulic oil also tends to deteriorate the oil and reduce the service life of the oil. Therefore care must be taken to prevent air from entering the hydraulic system. The main reasons for the air entering the hydraulic system are as follows: The joints or hydraulic components are poorly sealed, the partial pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure, and the air enters the system; the partitions in the fuel tank are damaged, so that the oil in the fuel tank is prone to air bubbles; After the new oil or overhauling the hydraulic system, the air is not discharged; the oil level of the tank is too low after the oil leaking from the pipeline.

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